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H.L Property Investors Alliance Ltd, is H.L.PIA for short.

 There's no denying that London is one of the world's most economically and culturally developed cities, where its global financial impact is hugely significant. 

Diversity is a feature of London, not just in the culture and origins of the people who live there, but it's also inherent in the wide range of open investment opportunities available. In particular, the City is one of the world's most important financial hubs, where leading financial institutions set the trends in global trading.

HL Property Investors Alliance is proud to be located in the hustle and bustle of this vibrant, economic city that plays such a leading role in shaping the word's financial markets. We're in the heart of a global economic playground that enables us to reap the benefits to best serve your needs.

At HL Property Investors Alliance, our core values focus on the home and we like to think our company symbolises the 'homeland'. In Chinese culture, the home has huge importance and is the ultimate embodiment of Chinese social ethics. No matter what your status or wealth, or where you're based, home is the place where each and every one of us settles down and establishes our life. 

With this value deeply rooted in our minds, we attach great importance on helping you create your own home, through our inspired and expert investment advice or construction services. We value our customers as loyal friends, and with our family-centred philosophy, we're committed to acknowledging every customer, as we would one of our friends.


Who we are

 The founder of HL Property Investors Alliance, Mr York Hu, has a wealth of experience in the investment sector, where he takes a dynamic and focused approach to his services. For more than 10 years, Mr Hu has offered his expertise in different areas to various companies, helping them achieve overwhelming success.

Mr Hu takes inspiration from Lao Tzu in the 'Tao Te Ching', which states that a good leader can instil motivation and confidence in an individual, whilst maximising self-awareness and cohesion of those working in a team. He embeds these values in the day-to-day working life so that customers can expect a professional and efficient experience. 

With a canny insight into economic trends, Mr Hu is more than happy to share his wisdom with clients, so they can make an informed decision when it comes to property investments. He is adept at integrating resources and making the best use of strategic thinking to ensure the most profitable outcomes.

As well as being an astute investor and business professional, Mr Hu also takes pride in his charitable undertakings and commitment to helping with community projects. These have included work with the British Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong, participation in the British Chinese veterans veteran team building, work as a Chinese traditional medicine consultant, sponsor and instructor of the Red Beret children outreach training camp and work with the British soldiers home investment squad.

With his honest, thoughtful, caring and expert approach, Mr Hu and HL Property Investors Alliance can help you make the right decisions to meet your investment or construction needs. Call us today for your free consultation.